During the winter season (November to April), Operations staff patrol Ajax serviced roads, sidewalks and trails, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Staff also monitor detailed weather forecasts supplied by various service providers. In this way, the appropriate response to any given condition can be activated in a timely manner.

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The Town services (plows, salts and monitors) its roads on a priority system. Primary roads, such as Harwood Ave, are cleared first followed by local residential streets and courts. During a snowstorm, if the snow continues to fall plows may be recalled to service Primary roads and then once those roads have been cleared, the plow will return to Secondary and Tertiary roads.

Primary Service RoadPrimary Service Road
Secondary Service RoadSecondary Service Road
Tertiary Service RoadTertiary Service Road
Durham Region RoadDurham Region Road (Not Serviced by the Town of Ajax)
Serviced RoadsServiced Roads
Road snowplow Road snowplow
Sidewalk snowplow Sidewalk snowplow

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Current plows on the roadCurrent Plows On The Road

There are currently 0 road snowplows and 0 sidewalk snowplows working hard to keep our roads safe and clear of snow and ice.

0Road snowplow0Side walk snowplow

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